Bio Dumisani Samson

Dumisani is a community and family counsellor, facilitator and ADR specialist. He earned a BA (Hons) degree in social work from Stellenbosch University and has several years of study at UWC and UNIISA towards attaining an LLB degree.

Dumisani has a passion for, and a career of making a difference. His professional experience includes:

Counselling at Samila Gender Counselling and Support Services, Cape Town. This is an NGO established to promote and protect family stability and community safety through the provision of counselling and support services. It has a particular focus on men and male youth and aims to empower them to stop gender violence. Dumisani’s transformation counselling concentrates on changing mentality, attitudes and behaviour, both of the victims and the perpetrators.

As an officer at Child Welfare South Africa, King Williamstown he did counselling, and the application of legal and statuary provisions.

Correctional Services in the Umtata and Mount Frere area. Working with prisoners, parolees, victims and the families on both sides. Teaching inmates anger management and other life skills. Running therapeutic programs for substance abusers who resorted to crime. Teaching rehabilitation programs and facilitating the reintegration of parolees into society, and “halfway house” counselling. Making recommendations to the parole board and attending parole hearings.

Mediating between victims and their families and the prisoners’ families pave the way for the perpetrator’s release and reintegration. Promoting anger management, reconciliation, and acceptance by the community of the parolee.

Part-time counselling and mediator at Child Welfare, Athlone during a UWC LLB 2 ½ year study period. Implementing Acts and statutory provisions and appearing in Wynberg, Khayelitsha and Goodwood magistrates’ courts.

Working in Office of the Family Advocate, Worcester. Interacting with attorneys, advocates and phycologists, where he experienced a re-affirmation of the mediation process.

Returning to Samila Gender Counselling and Support Services, Cape Town. Interacting with Legal Aid and a network of lawyers. Mediating allegations and cases of domestic violence and abuse. Holding family conferences including adult and young adults


Dumisani is fluent in English and virtually all the official South African languages, except Afrikaans.